Unlocking the Secrets of International Board Opportunities: Part I

Join DirectWomen for a webinar that is part of our international board series. The webinar will cover some of the basics of international corporate board service, and we will build on that focus in a second, in-person session in London on June 29, 2023.

During this webinar, our distinguished panelists … Read more

A View from Women of Color on Corporate Boards

Corporate boards are becoming more and more diverse, but still, they rarely reflect the gender, racial, and ethnic diversity of the United States workforce. While women have seen progress, studies continue to show that it is often the case that women of color are left behind and have unique challenges … Read more

A View from First-Time Corporate Board Directors

During this webinar, attendees heard from directors who have recent experience searching for their first corporate board roles. Panelists discussed their own search processes, the challenges they faces, and the strategies that ultimately helped them land their first board seats.

Featured Speakers:
Priscilla Almodovar, President and CEO, Enterprise Community … Read more

A View from the Nominating and Governance Committee

During this webinar, attendees heard from directors currently serving on their boards’ Nominating and Governance Committees. Panelists discussed the board selection process, the skills matrix, and how the Nom & Gov Committee ultimately finds new directors.

Featured Speakers:
Teresa M. Sebastian, President and CEO, The Dominion Asset Group; Director, … Read more

Gateway to Corporate Board Service: Demystifying the Experience

Looking for a window into the boardroom? During this webinar, our distinguished panelists offered their insights into “the room where it happens.” Attendees left the program with a clear understanding of how to evaluate board service opportunities, and how to be a savvy and effective board member once in the … Read more