The mission of DirectWomen is to increase the representation of women on corporate boards. DirectWomen identifies leading women lawyers from around the country who are able to provide the experience, independence, business judgment and diversity required for board effectiveness and good corporate governance. It serves as a resource for companies seeking qualified women-attorney board candidates who will improve corporate governance and increase shareholder value.

Who We Are

DirectWomen is a national non-profit that works to increase the representation of women lawyers on corporate boards. Twenty-five percent of our alumnae serve on at least one large corporate board.

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What We Do

DirectWomen hosts its Board Institute, Sandra Day O'Connor Board Excellence Award Luncheon, Annual Alumnae Conference, and many regional programs. These events provide education and networking opportunities around the issue of women on boards.

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Mar 21, 2018
Clearly not every woman (or man) wants a director seat, but for those women who aspire to a seat at the governance table, there is a path and it involves being known, being intentional and bringing value.
Mar 21, 2018
The slow pace of women heading to the nation’s private company boardrooms mirrors the sluggish rate at public companies. That’s bad news because experts say women now entering the world of governance offer more than ever before.
Julie Janson joined the board of Ohio National Financial Services in 2017.
Mary Ann Hynes joined the board of Group Pty. Ltd. in 2012.
Helen Pudlin joined the board of The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Companies in 2013.