Kay McCall

Kay McCall

Class of 2020-2021

C. Kay McCall is a senior energy industry executive, CEO and board member with expertise in operational optimization, acquisitions (including post-acquisition integration), restructuring, risk assessment, and project development. In addition to more than a decade of experience in the renewable energy industry, Ms. McCall has worked extensively in the conventional power, oil and gas services, engineering and construction, and major equipment manufacturing industries. 

Ms. McCall recently served as President, CEO and board member of Noble Environmental Power, LLC, a PE-backed wind energy company owned by MSD Capital, and previously by JP Morgan and CPPIB. Ms. McCall led the company from early stage through the final sale in 2018. When she took the reins as CEO in 2010, Noble had been in financial distress for more than two years. Ms. McCall devised and implemented a comprehensive operational restructuring plan, stabilizing the company and building successes, including improved financial, safety, retention and operational results. 

Ms. McCall originally joined Noble in 2008 as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Ms. McCall was a trusted advisor to the CEO and the Board during a period of significant financial distress. In addition to her advisory role, Ms. McCall successfully implemented a compliance risk management program. Ms. McCall’s consistent, creative, positive leadership was recognized by the Board, resulting in her promotion to CEO in 2010. 

In addition to her tenure at Noble, Ms. McCall achieved success as a member of senior leadership teams of both large public and private equity-backed companies in the energy industry. Over the years she moved seamlessly between complex transactional work and general counsel responsibilities, including working on both the buy and sale side of acquisitions as well as post-acquisition integrations. In the process, she worked extensively with investment banks, private equity, lenders, and other stakeholders. 

Ms. McCall has significant international experience. As a member of the senior leadership team at the General Electric Company, Ms. McCall managed global teams while advising businesses working in the oil and gas and power industries worldwide. Ms. McCall’s initial international experience was gained while general counsel for an international engineering and construction company which provided services to petrochemical and natural gas companies. 

Ms. McCall and her family reside in Houston, where she is leading the launch of a non-profit renewable energy trade association.