Jean Molino

Jean Molino

Class of 2017

Jean Molino is a skilled executive and people leader with over 30 years of global business, risk management, corporate governance, and legal experience. At McKinsey & Company, Jean is an ex-officio member of the Risk, Audit, and Governance Committee of the Board of Directors, served as a trustee for McKinsey’s U.S. retirement plan, and is a key architect of the firm’s enterprise risk management and professional standards systems.

Jean serves on numerous decision-making bodies, committees, and task forces within McKinsey. Jean is a member of the firm’s Strategic Operating Risk Committee, which addresses the most significant risks facing the organization, the global partner compensation committee, and the committee charged with resolving a wide variety of client and non-client matters that involve risk or conflict and which benefit from the judgment of partner peers.

Jean built and leads the 100-person McKinsey legal team, which has responsibility for supporting all of McKinsey’s practice areas and geographies from a legal and risk management
perspective. These responsibilities include corporate matters, M&A, partnerships, data privacy, cyber, employment, investments, intellectual property, and disputes.

Jean is a member of the Board of Directors, Chair of the Nomination and Governance Committee, and Chair Designee of Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, a non-partisan
group that facilitates dialogue leading to action among divergent stakeholders on policy topics of national importance. Jean also serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of New York University School of Law.