Tracey Edwards

Tracey Edwards

Class of 2016

Tracey Edwards has held multiple global leadership roles during her 30+ years at Deloitte.  She created, grew, and/or reinvented many different businesses and served on the Board of Directors and the Global, Finance, and Risk Committees at Deloitte.

Ms. Edwards managed several complex international business units during her career at Deloitte, creating new products and services, delivering superior operating results and developing and deploying game changing strategies and business turnarounds.  Ms. Edwards’ developed and deployed Deloitte’s near-shore/off-shore strategy for both back office and revenue generating personnel resulting in a 6,000 person operation in India.  While leading the Asia Pacific Tax group she significantly grew revenue and profitability during a time of business disruption due to the Asian financial crisis, SARS, Sarbanes Oxley, and the Avian Flu.  She reinvented an international tax offering, including its marketing, underlying technology, processes, and delivery model resulting in a vibrant, competitive and profitable business.  Ms. Edwards led and redesigned global procurement, delivering over a billion dollars of savings.  Critical to the success of a professional services organization is its knowledge management systems; Ms. Edwards transformed a fractured knowledge management organization into a single coherent business unit which was externally recognized as best in class.  The transformation resulted in improved speed to market, increased win rates, and enhanced profitability across the enterprise.

The results Ms. Edwards delivered during these assignments had several things in common: the ability to successfully manage change, effectively navigate diverse cultures, and deal with crises all while leading and growing teams and delivering financial results.  More important though was not only Ms. Edwards’ ability to identify the strategic opportunity but her ability to turn the opportunity into reality.

The training and development of people is something to which Ms. Edwards is enthusiastically committed.  She drove an unprecedented Talent agenda within Deloitte, as exhibited by ability to acquire, develop and retain top talent, cultivating them into future leaders.  Over her career Ms. Edwards led the design and redesign of many technical, leadership and management programs.

Ms. Edwards has served on the Deloitte; US Broad of Directors, US Operating Committee and US Executive Committee.  She was the Diversity and Inclusion leader for Deloitte Global and sat on a variety of committees with a range of oversight activities including: all senior level promotions, pension fund investment, and technology strategy and investment.

Over her career Ms. Edwards has been assigned to San Jose, Dallas, New York City, Hong Kong, and Hyderabad India.

Ms. Edwards was born in the United Kingdom and raised in Canada and the US.  She earned her B.A. in Biological Sciences from UC Santa Barbara and J.D. and LL.M. from Golden Gate University.  She is admitted to practice law in California.  She has been invited three times to Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business conference and a winner of the YWCA TWIN award.