Rhea Kemble Dignam

Rhea Kemble Dignam retired in 2016 from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC), where she served five years as Regional Director of the Atlanta Regional Office, responsible in a five state area for enforcement of all federal securities laws ( including under the Investment Company Act) and examination … Read more

Sharon Bowen

Sharon Bowen is a partner at Seneca Women, a global leadership platform dedicated to connecting and advancing women in the economy. Its Seneca Connect app and Seneca Women Podcast Network amplify the voices of women thought leaders and provide the tools, resources and network that women need to fast-forward in … Read more

Shirley Buccieri

Shirley is a retired senior vice president from Transamerica Corporation.  Her career has included business positions at Transamerica and General Motors Corporation, co-founding of a financial services advisory company and a partner in a major international law firm. Shirley’s 30 years of working experience resulted in her achieving skills in … Read more

Priscilla Almodovar

Priscilla brings over 30 years of expertise in finance, real estate, banking and community development across a number of leading institutions and organizations. Her executive leadership roles in the private, public and nonprofit sectors have provided her with significant experience in business operations, leadership of large complex organizations, audit and … Read more