Mallun Yen

Mallun Yen

RPX Corporation , 2017

Pure Storage, 2021

As a repeat founder, operator, public company officer, and tech executive, Mallun Yen is known for launching and growing enterprise businesses using a data-driven approach to disrupt industry conventions and fundamentally altering behaviors using aligned incentives.

Currently, Mallun is the founder and CEO of Operator Collective, a new and disruptive venture capital fund and community created to open the venture ecosystem to the people it needs most: tech leaders from diverse backgrounds with deep, present-day experience building the most successful companies in the world. Its investors include 150+ ultra-talented operators who have decades of experience building, growing, and running the world’s most admired companies – from Salesforce, Stripe, and Zoom to Cloudflare, Confluent and beyond. Operator Collective launched its debut $50M+ fund on December 11, 2019.

Mallun’s extensive experience includes building three additional category-creating companies, each with vibrant communities, including venture-backed RPX Corp ($0 to $100M & IPO in 3 years), SaaStr (the world’s largest b2b software community), and (4,000 members and 20 worldwide chapters). She is a board director of Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG) and a former board director of the public media organization, KQED.